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The journey from concept to completion for an integrated façade lighting project can be long and arduous. The rapid development of integrated LED into the building envelope has brought a new level of complication to the design, procurement and construction process. We are atypical in the lighting business in that we can provide a complete suite of services as required - Design, Manufacturing, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning and in the case of animated displays and media walls we provide content creation. We are the specialists in customised lighting to suit your design needs.

Design Assistance

illumination Physics are project orientated. We provide design assistance specifically for the precise circumstances of each building and design intention.

Applications & Solutions

We are an agile designer and manufacturer of lighting products. This enables us to provide the perfect product solution rather than an ‘off the shelf’ response.

Building Type Analysis

We at illumination Physics understand what will work and what will not work on any given project. We provide total solutions so that the circle of responsibility is complete on complex design/build projects.

We seek to develop unique products and provide the perfect custom solution for every project


From Australia to Shanghai, Europe to the Middle East and beyond, illumination Physics have a range of project references that illustrate our expertise in façade lighting integration. Positioned somewhere between artisans and mechanics, we endeavour to make a complex architectural lighting design more practical, sustainable, and cost effective.  

Take a look at our featured projects for further information about our innovative 'built-in' design...

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